The Royal Halloween has arrived, with trick-or-treat!

This week was dedicated to Halloween that was arriving, and thus, nothing could be missing!

Throughout the week, in every classroom, either the Nursery or Pre-school, children gave free rein to their imagination, both in the area of artistic expression and in creativity’s workshop. And so, under the new curricular area "Eco-School", all the symbols that characterize this day, were appearing every passing day.

It took some waste materials, such as toilet rolls, cereals packaging cartons, cotton buds, egg cartons and others.

With the old become new, and in the end, beautiful witches were born, some bats were appearing, and pumpkins and ghosts didn’t lack also! With all these magnificent artwork, very quickly the school became adorned, and got a creepy atmosphere!

The long-awaited day for our children finally arrived! Early in the morning, some little wizards arrived, as well as little witches, vampires and monsters to our school ... OH… HOW SCARY! But after all, they were all good ones.

The girls and boys from Nursery and Preschool, with their beautiful voices, sang for the colleagues of the primary education, and vice versa. And they could rely, once again, with the collaboration of our dear professor Miguel Domingues, with whom they rehearsed in recent days. They managed to make this day – that was supposed to be "creepy" - A really, "terribly" funny day!

We want to deeply thank all parents who attended, and also to those who couldn’t participate in this “Halloween Day” challenge, that we have launched to them.

The task wasn’t easy at all. In fact it was supposed to build of a witch broom with recycled materials.

But once again we were presented with authentic works of art. And the choice will be very difficult. All brooms are ghostly amazing.