Secondary School

It is our commitment that secondary education is assumed as an educational stage of development and consolidation of learning, attitudes and Page 2 of 28 Educational Project - Royal College of Portugal values, giving our students and our students all the tools required the society of knowledge and information. We intend to continue to invest in experimental teaching using the physics laboratories, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Multimedia and others.

We build a school with identity, comprehensive training and experimental teaching, a school with quality for all and for all. We will continue to participate in national and international projects, with the clear aim to provide our young globalizing skills such as creativity, social and personal responsibility, critical thinking, know how to work together and cooperate, know better and encourage the development of language, acquire language skills above average, and above all, evolving communication and collaboration. In short, we are committed to offering our students learning meaningful to their academic and professional life.

Our team is already formed, with experience, motivated and dedicated to each child / youth. We continue to bet on one support to all our students and students because we want universal education but adapted to the peculiarities of the people. We will continue to focus on steady and continuous training of our entire faculty, ensuring the renewal and improvement of practices and knowledge. Together with the training of our Human Capital we have a Science Laboratory and Biology and fully Physical Chemistry Laboratory equipped, two CRE - Educational Resource Center, two computer labs, one Visual Education room and a technical education room.