Educational Programmes

Real Colégio de Portugal is a private school, which the following services: Nursery, Pre School, Primary School, as well as 2nd Cycle, 3nd Cycle and Secondary School. It is governed by the Statute of Private and Cooperative Education and is a member of the Association of Private and Cooperative Educational Institutions (AEEP).

Real Colégio de Portugal has Permanent Authorisation No. 06 116 / DREL, since February 15th 2006, granted by the Department of Education, in the person of Mr. Deputy Regional Director of Education in Lisbon.

Founded in 1999, the School is equipped with excellent facilities, all of which are part of the Conde do Lumiar Palace architectural complex, a space that has been completely renovated and equipped, thus making skill acquisitions easier and the learning process more enjoyable and motivating. We have 1000m2 of classrooms furnished with interactive whiteboards, socialising areas, green spaces, two gymnasiums, visual and technological education laboratories, IT labs, Science and Physics-Chemistry labs, a playground, three cafetarias, two game rooms, multimedia rooms, two libraries, a biological vegetable garden and a small animal farm.

The Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Primary Schools are situated in Conde do Lumiar Palace, which is divided into three separate buildings. However, Junior, Middle and Secondary High School is taught in Quinta do Pisani. Our educational project is multicultural one in the true sense of the word and thus the reason why, in 2014/2015 School Year, Real Colégio de Portugal received the Seal of Intercultural School.