A trip through the urinary system

Last week the 3rd grade A received the visit of the Mother of Francisca A. who helped them to consolidate knowledge and to understand better, how your body works, especially the urinary system. 

This activity was divided into two moments: a theoretical and a practical one. In a first phase the mother presented to the class a song about the different parts of the system, as well as its operation. She used a model of the human body that the students could observe and touch. 

In a more practical phase of the activity, the students answered a quiz where they applied their knowledge about veins, arteries, kidneys and other parts of the urinary system. 

To conclude the students watched a video / testimony of a transplanted girl who suffered from kidney failure. It was a different class in which everyone learned and had fun. It is our greatest thanks to Francisca A.'s Mother and a great desire to repeat. Here are some records of that day.