About us

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The Real Colégio de Portugal is an educational institution fully dedicated to the training and development of children from starting to walk up to the Secondary School.

Founded in 1999, the school is proud to be located in facilities belonging to the architectural complex of the Palace of the Counts of Lumiar and the Pisani Villa, providing fully renovated and equipped premises, a harmonious context pedagogically appropriate and able to meet all the requirements and care that teaching requires.

The Educational Project of the Real Colégio de Portugal is designed to ensure high levels of educational requirements and, simultaneously, the educational and social success of its students. The project involves a balance between contemporary and traditional ideals, ensuring openness to the dynamics of change, encouraging an innovative vision in teaching practices, always to the benefit of students’ motivation and success.

This project is inclusive in all of its manifestations. It fosters a harmonious, tolerant and inclusive educational spirit, ensuring the same level of opportunities and participation for all students. It accepts multiculturalism and multi-religiosity in all their virtues, providing the educational community with a place of freedom and permanent dialogue between the various currents of thought.

The Real Colégio de Portugal is not limited to its physical area. It provides its students with the development and participation in initiatives, programs, debates, sports and intellectual events, social work or other events that contribute to the diversification of students’ educational experience.

In recent years, the wider involvement of the Real Colégio de Portugal, its students and its employees, has resulted in honourable distinctions and awards. Such deeds allow society to feel and recognize the respectability of the Real Colégio de Portugal’s teaching, students and educational community. These successes arise naturally as a result of synergies, will and dedication, ennobling all who participate in them.

This educational project vision is embraced by all employees, who with their professionalism, genuinely dedicate themselves to our students.